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Inkjet Coding I-JET 470W
Industrial Inkjet I-JET 470W
ชุดเครื่องพิมพ์วันที่ผลิต OTOP1
Sample Print I-JET 470W
เครื่องปั๊มวันที่อิงค์เจ็ท E-JET
I-JET 470W Printing Standard Mode
เครื่องพิมพ์วันที่ผลิต วันหมดอายุ E-JET
Diamention I JET 455B
เครื่องพิมพ์วันที่ผลิต วันหมดอายุ E-JET
Rottweil I-JET 470W • 32 Dot Printer Up to 5 Lines printing (5 x 5 Metrix)
• Nozzle 55 micron
• High speed, 260 M/min (Single Line 5x5) 
• Big Solvent Container 1.5 L
• Non contact magnatic stirring system for pigment ink
• Seperate Pressure Pump and Vaccum Pump
• Pump and Solinoid Valve made in German
• Unchip or Lock Code for Consumable

Printing Features:

Interface & Communication:

Electronic & Software Features:

Hydraulic System:

Print Head:

Physical Features:
• MFD,Expiry Date, Batch, Graphics, Logo, Counterumber etc.
• Vertical 32 dots maximum
• Character printing height 1mm~15mm
• 1-5 lines of 5x5 printing 
• Printing speed (single line): 260m/m (5x5), 180m/m (7x5) 

• 7” TFT color screen, along with int’l standard QWERT keypad
• USB port-Easy upgrading/save/restore of text & config
• Ethernet port (10/100MB)
• RS232/485 port

• 32 digit embedded LINUX operating system
• User friendly interface, WYSIWYG message/graphic/logo editing
• Storage memory 40 MB
• “RUN/STOP” hot key to start and shut down automatically
• “INFO” hot key to list the History of errors
• “PRINT MENU” hot key to enter printing menu instantly 
• Pop-up window to remind changing filters in every 2,000 hours running
• Real time and date with calendar
• Printing mode: Standard, Multi-line, High Speeds
• Defined grid value to move the editing cursors at certain dot
• 3 counters & 4 shifts, automatically
• Build-in Graphic/logo editing software as standard, full screen
• OPS (Encoder direction recognition and print compensation function)
• DMS (Distance Measuring System)
• Password gives access to different level of users
• Multi operation languages available

• Compact design, Easy to use and service
• Big Solvent Container 1.5 L
• Solvent Sensor to give alarm when no solvent 
• Positive air inlet to print head for dusty environment

• Magnetic shielded print head cover
• Ink drop observing magnifier integrated
• Easily accessible and can be installed at any position
• Nozzle size 70 micron
• Distance from print head to print surface 1mm~25mm

• Printer house/Cabinet: Stainless steel, IP 54
• Umbilical hose/conduit (standard): Length 2500mm, diameter 20mm
• Pinter dimension: H550 mm x W300 mm x D320 mm
• Print head dimension: H180 mm x W43 mm x D44mm
• Gross weight: 33 KG
• Power supply: single phase, 110V~240V, 50/60HZ
• Electrical plug: Multiple type available
• Working environment temperature: 5~45 oC(35~100 oF)
• Working humidity: max. 90% R.H., non-condensing
Standard Set • Rottweil I-JET 455B 1 Unit
• Print Head Stand 1 Set
• Printer Stand 1 Set
• Photo Sensor 1 Set
• UPS 1 Set
• Service Tools 1 Set
• Cable Plug 1 Set
• Ink I301 Black, 1,000 ml. 1 Bottle (Load to Printer)
• Make Up M300, 1,000 ml. 1 Bottle (Load to Printer)
• Cleaning Solution C200, 5,000 ml. 1 Bottle

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Small Character Inkjet Coder (CIJ)

Inkjet Coding E-JET 455B
Inkjet Coding I-JET 455B